Victoria Laurenzi-Jump, LMSW, CPC


My name is Victoria Laurenzi-Jump and I welcome you to experience a multi-disciplinary approach to growth and healing in a comfortable and peaceful office setting. With a foundation of science-based understanding and research, I choose clinical tools and interventions proven to work. In addition to my formal training and continued work experience in the hospital setting, I have a specialty in Gerontology and I have certifications in both Reiki, and Life Coaching. I have found the tools gained from all of these approaches are beneficial to many of the clients I have worked with.

Many people still consider the areas of body, mind, and spirit, separate and distinct. I believe it does help understanding and learning to think of them as separate, however, ultimately for health and wellness, these areas must inter-connect and work in harmony. That is what I set out to facilitate when I enter into a new relationship with a client. I approach every individual with;

  • Establish trust and consistency
  • Focus on client's goals
  • Create coping skills
  • Provide resources and connection
  • Celebrate progress and assist in strengthening my clients in times of grief and change